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Breville VDF065 White Halo Low Oil Health Fryer

This model is a new initiative by Breville which has taken another successful step bringing in healthier solution in the frying food. This innovative model Breville VDF065 White Halo Low Oil Health Fryer has unique design, features and multifunctional operations. It has many reasons to get transformed as a fond appliance and a quick overview [...]

Breville VDF064 Deep Fat Fryer

Breville the brand offering spectrum of small appliances has seen success since its existence during 1980’s. The gamut of products includes toasters, kettles, irons, blenders, food processors and much more. They are been ambitious with innovation and designing that suits well in the current trend. It also shares partnership with the celebrity chef and the [...]

Breville VDF020 Twin Basket Pro Fryer

Yet another example of Breville’s magnificence is the introduction of the twin basket fryer. In general, fryers are one of the most welcomed products in any household as there are far and few who can resist the delicious and crunchy food that it churns out. Most of the fryers found in the market come in [...]

Breville DF28 Deep Fat Fryer

The DF28 Easy Clean Deluxe Fryer is been a special addition to the portfolio of the brand ‘Breville’, that comes with the Easy clean and Compact features. With all the benefits experienced in using the fryer it becomes an indispensable product for any homes. All those crispy chips and the fries can be obtained with [...]

Breville VDF018 Professional Deep Fryer

Breville – the maker of small kitchen appliance is been inspired with its customer happiness and contentment of products. They make a prominent position in this segment of small appliance. Breville VDF018 Professional Deep Fryer belongs to its professional series of appliance, its style, design and the build along with the technology reflects in its [...]