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Magimix 11606 Pro 500 Deep Fat Fryer

In the eyes of customers around Magimix is considered as an experienced company that offers products with promising quality and performance. This model is one such for the people who have been experiencing inconvenience working with the conventional type of frying. The most admiring aspect of Magimix 11606 Pro 500 Deep Fat Fryer is the [...]

Magimix 11596 Fryer Pro 350 Deep Fat Fryer

This brand ‘Magimix’ spread across the globe is the specialist in small appliance segment. Their innovations are assorted type of appliance that includes the food processor, slicer, ice cream maker, steamer, fryer, kettle, coffee maker and toaster. Catering to the high end products they offer uncompromised products in terms of safety and quality. All well [...]