Waring Pro offers many small appliances that help in the routine kitchen task. The products are categorised in different segments. This deep fryer is a professional one which has impressive design along with the features and functions. The following review gives a closer look about Waring Pro DF250B Professional Deep Fryer.


Deep fat fryers support the frying needs of the homes. It gives better frying experience than the conventional type of frying system. The fat consumption is also less comparatively and the evenness in frying can be experienced. This model has interesting way of frying all types of foods and is suitable for the domestic use. It is been designed with the stainless steel housing. This gives a robust structure to the appliance.

Power and Control:

The heating element associated with Waring Pro DF250B Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer has the power of 1800 Watts. It is in the immersion style and hence heating up at a great speed is possible. The control is with the mechanical timer which is set manually. The setting up the time up to 30 minutes is possible and the temperature setting is also available. The frying of breaded foods, turkey should be done with low temperature. One could fry foods like egg rolls, large shrimp and chicken with the medium heat and food like potato chips, French fries and other heavy foods go with the high temperature.

Product Features:

  • The basket provided is highly efficient and it is an efficient heavy finish mesh type which has cool touch handles. The basket goes up and down and hence the food filled it gets even frying with less absorbing of oil.
  • The oil container present is made of enamel coating. It has the capacity of one gallon and the container can be removed for maintenance.
  • The food capacity the basket can hold is about 2.2 lb, this is an average size appliance and the frying time is based on both the temperature and the quantity of food.
  • The parts like the lid, bowl and the basket are dishwasher safe. This reduces the time spent for maintenance and makes cleaning simple.

Safety Features:

Interlock system – Only on the proper placement of the control panel and the heating element the fryer operates and other wise the fryer cannot be put to function until it is been rightly fixed.

Breakaway cord – This model is been designed with the 3 foot cord which can be quickly disconnected from the fryer by pulling it applying force.

Thermostat Overload Protection – In case the fryer heats up beyond acceptable level the fryer will automatically put off. It can be solved by cooling the appliance and restarting. This is a great protection for the user and the appliance.

Overall, Waring Pro DF250B 1800 Watts Deep Fryer makes it interesting for the user and the lid does have a viewing window that allows you to see the frying process. The handles are also cool type make and the control panel is detachable like the electric cord.

Waring Pro DF250B Deep Fat Fryer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Waring
Model Name DF250B Professional Deep Fryer
Capacity Food – 2.2 lb
Timer Mechanical
Body finish Stainless Steel
Removable bowl Yes
Bowl type Enamel coated
Cool touch handles Yes
Timer warning Yes
Timer based cooking Yes
Power light Yes
Viewing window No
Power 1800 Watts
Cool wall body Yes
Heating element Immersed heating element
Temperature control Variable
Indicator Yes
Lid type Safety locking lid
Features 3 foot break away cord
Overload protection
Safety interlock
Permanent filter
Heavy mesh basket
Warranty 1 year