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Tefal FF105015 Accessimo Fryer

Most of us think frying in the traditional manner but the innovation of such fat fryers takes us a long way in convenience, health and style. Tefal does not fail to include fryers in its product line and Tefal FF105015 Accessimo Fryer is one that is feature filled and apt for domestic use. Let us [...]

Tefal FF104115 Maxi-Compact Fryer Review

Tefal takes pride in inventing the non-stick frying pan which has simplified the cooking task. Over the years they have grown and have become leaders in cooking appliance and other compact appliances. Tefal FF104115 Maxi Compact White Deep Fat Fryer is one such which stands a worthy note for its design and technology. A deeper [...]

Tefal Oleoclean Deep Fat Fryer

Famous for their trend setting non-stick coating, Tefal has become one of the most trusted brands in the home appliance segment. Making life easier in the kitchen by initiating small changes that made big difference is Tefal’s unique selling preposition. Changing with the times and needs of today’s lifestyle have helped them become a world [...]

Tefal Actifry FZ 7000 Low Fat Electric Fryer Review

The fact that Tefal has lasted for a long time in the market with a constant brand name, explains the reason that it is a brand to reckon with in the small appliances range. They are one of the leading manufacturers of quality products with high functional abilities and durability. In its product range falls [...]